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Art for Sale from Big Norfolk Skies Gallery –

In setting up this website I wanted to avoid providing a faceless online shopping experience. Rather, I wanted to create a way to share my art with you and provide a way to help you own it for yourself.

I also wanted to create a very personal experience, giving you the chance to buy direct from an artist, with full provenance, and to support my work, whether you buy one painting or print, or become an enthusiastic patron!

This is why I invite you to review the artworks available in stock and contact me personally, through message, email, or by telephone, to discuss your interests in available pieces, perhaps a commission, or maybe something else.

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You’re welcome to visit my private Gallery at the Studio. Exhibition and Open Days are held approximately once per month. To find out about the next Open Day please visit this page.

My artworks can also be viewed in person, by appointment, at my Studio in Hevingham, ten miles North West of Norwich.

I offer artworks in both Original Oil Paintings (the actual, original artwork produced), and through Limited Edition Prints, currently produced to demand and at your request.

I also take Commissions for work. This is the most personal of services. Together we will discuss your likes and desires, the setting and presentation of the artwork and of course your inspiration.


Commissioning an Artwork –

Once you’ve looked through my Portfolio you may decide that you are looking for something special, something personal. Commissioning an artwork is a simple process and designed around your budget.

You may have a requirement based on something that I’ve already painted, or perhaps you have a scene, setting or even a theme you’re looking for. I am able to work from photographs but it’s important to remember that an oil painting is not a ‘slow photograph’ and can only be an interpretation.

Commissioning artworkIn terms of agreeing theme, etc. it’s important to realise that I’m a landscape artist, specialising in scenes that reflect the rural landscape, coastline, etc. So I’m not the right artist if you’re looking for an urban scene, or for that matter, a portrait, painting of your dog, etc.

Pricing a commission is based on some simple factors; size, preparation time and creation time. I price all artworks based on a simple per-square-inch and then take into consideration for materials.

For example, one immediate choice is to have your commission produced on a standard proprietary canvas (still good quality), or as a ‘Signature Piece’ on hand-prepared  vintage Irish Linen Canvas.

These Signature Pieces require considerable preparation time, as this includes the stretching of the linen canvas, sizing (sealing) and then multiple layers of gesso applied by hand.

However, the finished result is that your commissioned painting is presented on the finest archival materials. I would describe this as a legacy piece.

The process of commissioning is a very personal one, where we work together to craft and agree the brief. I prefer to complete the work fully before ‘the grand reveal’, which for many of my clients is the most exciting part.

Please note; currently the production time for commissions is 3-6 months. Oil painting can be a lengthy process and producing an artwork requires more than just painting time. Commissions require 25% deposit and also carry my full-satisfaction-guarantee.

If you’re interested in finding out more, would like to chat, or visit my studio in Hevingham, Norfolk, please do get in touch.

You can contact me direct on  – 01603 755 480, or 07795 144 005 – email


View Portfolio Here


Some Notes On Buying Art For Sale

Original Oil Paintings are just that; they are my original works and created from personal references, sketches, memories and my imagination.

As an original piece of work there is of course only one. Some original paintings are also recreated as Limited Edition Prints.

I welcome local, national and international buyers and collectors. Shipping costs for artworks will vary dependent upon size, weight, framed/unframed, destination, value, etc.

For this reason all packing and shipping costs are calculated individually. You will be advised of this when you reserve your order.

As you browse the Portfolio you may find pieces that you are interested in. The description will list if the piece is available for sale. Pieces NOT available will be listed as Sold, Reserved or NFS (Not For Sale).

All artworks are priced but these are not published on this site. To find out about prices please use the Reserve Or Request Form Here.

Whilst I make every attempt to keep this stock list up-to-date, please note some pieces may be reserved before the website is updated.

Once you have found a piece you would like to enquire about please contact me here, by email, message, or by calling me direct. If available I can the reserve the piece for you and agree a purchase order.

Please note, artworks can be reserved for up to a total of 14 days without payment. Then your purchase should be completed. If you change your mind the piece will be unreserved and return to the stocklist.

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Credit Card or Direct Bank Transfer only. A full purchase receipt will be provided. Please check on any additional taxes that may be applicable in your country if importing.

With every purchase I include a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide not to keep the artwork you may return it for a full refund. Please note; you are responsible for returning the work in the same condition it was dispatched – please see full Terms & Conditions here.

Art For Hire –

Instead of art for sale, you may decide that you would like to hire or rent my original artwork. This service is normally provided to companies, organisations and charities. Private Art Hire can also be arranged.

Renting artwork is nothing new. Professional artists often rent artworks, especially large and more valuable pieces. They may be used for commercial display, such as office, reception, hotel rooms, etc. Interior Designers and decorators may also rent original art.

Art for hire contracts can be agreed for a range of periods, from just a few weeks up to a year. This is ideal if you simply want to try out a painting in a particular setting. If you then decide that you would like to then purchase the piece the rental costs paid can be partially used towards the purchase price.

Please note; Art for Hire is subject to approval and only applies to Original Oil Paintings, not Limited Edition Prints.

Contact me personally to discuss your needs and interests.


Nial Adams

Big Norfolk Skies

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