Landscape Paintings

Oils on Canvas

An Introduction –

As a Norfolk Artist and Oil Painter my primary focus is the creation of realistic and impressionistic landscapes, seascapes and, in particular, big skies.

From the times of Constable and Turner the art of British landscape painting has continued to capture the imagination of the viewer and create a deeper sense of connection with the natural world around us.

Living in Nelson’s County I am never at a loss for inspiration. With large open spaces and soft landscape (as well as the occasional hill) Norfolk is known as ‘Big Sky’ country and for very good reason. With extensive coastline and large open arable farmland Norfolk enjoys an annual cycle of all types of weather and especially large cloud formations that may carry storms or just cotton-wool castles in the sky.

landscape oil paintingsMy artwork aims to capture a sense of feeling, an emotional response, to the breath-taking vistas of this local landscape. Whether it be sunrise, sunset or anything in between, it is the changing light and atmospheric mood of big skies that I aim to convey.

Perhaps you too are a native of Norfolk, still local or may expatriated? Or perhaps you have visited Norfolk on holiday?

If so, then I hope my art will stir memories of what makes this fine county so special for us.

I paint following traditional methods and discipline of fine art oil painting. Artworks are created, from the canvas up, with care and attention to detail. I always use high quality materials, professional oil paint pigments and a range of canvas, from quality standard to the finest Irish linen.

Artworks are produced to archival standards. That is to say every care has been taken to ensure their protection and preservation for longest possible time. This creates works that will last, allowing you to pass on your piece or collection to future generations.

Please enjoy browsing this website for images of Norfolk landscape oil paintings. You will find a selection of artworks available as Original Oil Paintings, Limited-Edition Prints, as well as Art for Hire.

If you have a particular image, scene or even location that you would like to see interpreted in oil paints please contact me to discuss a commissioned piece.

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