Buying Oil Paintings

Buying Oil Paintings –


“Amidst the sea of contemporary art there is still a place for the tradition of classical fine art. Big Norfolk Skies brings fresh ideas, stunning landscapes, coastline and skies, to canvas and in print”

An Oil Painting is little more than a wall decoration, or so my father often told me.

Of course, the great oil paintings of history, that hang in the world’s finest galleries and museums, are so much more than mere decoration. Ignoring the fact that great works of art are some of the most valuable artifacts, what really makes a good painting, and why should you consider buying one?

There are many reasons why we’re drawn to buying artworks, whether they be paintings, prints, ceramics or sculptures. They speak to us. They give us a sense of knowing and connecting with the artist.

The creation of an oil painting is much more than the finished product. The artist’s ability to take raw paint and apply it to create an image is a technical skill. Most people can be taught to paint. It is the soul of a painting that gives it meaning and context.

When you buy a painting you’re not purchasing materials, you’re not even buying and end product. You’re buying an experience of how the artist felt at the time of creating the work. Much in the same way that when you listen to a recording of singer, you’re not just getting the song. You’re getting their emotional input, preserved in time, forever.

However, and returning to my father’s advice, it’s important to remember this. Buy what you like. That is the golden rule of art collecting.

If you’re going to live with a painting for many years you want to be able to enjoy it, every time you look at it. A really great painting will speak to you on different levels. Sometimes you see different things you never noticed before.

I hope through this website and the Portfolio of my artworks you have the chance to connect with me.