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Not everyone can own the original artwork, by definition there is only ever one. However, you can own and enjoy a Limited Edition Print from the original oil painting.

As an artist I only have an ability, both in terms of time and creative output, to produce a limited number of original artworks in my chosen medium of oil painting.

So it makes sense for me to offer the option of Limited Edition Prints to people who like my work and would like to own and display it.

Limited Edition PrintsThe original oil paintings listed here in the Big Norfolk Skies Portfolio are also available as Limited Edition Prints, with editions limited to just 100, prices are from £75 – SHOP.

These prints can be produced to order in a range of sizes, with a choice of mount. I also offer stretched giclee canvas prints, which are very popular, especially with gallery-wrapped deep edges.

These prints represent a very cost-effective way to enjoy the artwork, without the cost of owning the original oil painting.

With the quality that specialist art printers provide today these prints are excellent and offer a range of options.

So why would you choose a print over the original?

Well, clearly this is a case of value – a print is a reproduction and one of many (if only 100), whereas an original is unique and both are priced accordingly.

Prints are a perfect way to decorate your home or business at very modest costs. The quality of fine art prints today is incredibly good. Prints produced on canvas, especially when varnished, can be hard to tell apart from the original oil painting.

Buying an original painting is about owning a unique piece of the artist’s work, the time taken to create it and, some would say, even a part of their soul. Whereas prints may only increase slightly in value over time, originals can become investments.

In offering limited edition prints I decided that I wanted to ensure a very personal service. I want to be able to produce a print to your exact requirements and help you decide on the various options.

Please Note – I do not offer art prints through drop-shipping, or external publishers, as many other artists do. The Limited Edition Prints I offer are all handled and prepared by me personally, being professionally printed in Norwich. They are all hand-signed and numbered editions. Nothing leaves my studio unless it meets my standards for quality and presentation.

Limited Edition Prints of my work are available exclusively through my own Gallery at the Studio in Hevingham Norfolk. I ship these Prints by mail order nationally across the UK.

The Printers –

Having looked carefully at the art print supplier market, taken advice and recommendation from other artists, I’ve chosen a print supplier. A local well-established digital printer, specialising in the production of fine art, these printers provide very high-quality products and for a number of other artists.

They also provide me with a personal and professional service, unlike many Internet-only suppliers. I personally inspect all prints produced, number and hand sign them on the Studio Label on the reverse. Some prints are also hand-signed on the face.

A range of print options are available. Of course you can choose the size; the print can be the same size as the original or smaller.

Print Options –

There are also different print medium options. I mainly offer Fine Art Prints that are produced on canvas, as well as offering the option of heavy, archival-standard, museum-grade paper.

Prints created on Stretched Canvas give a very similar look to the original oil painting. Alternatively, they can be presented on canvas but mounted flat under a cut mount (or matt), then framed and glazed, just as a watercolour might be. The decision is normally a case of your preference for displaying it.

A print produced on stretched canvas would be presented either framed, or unframed (deep-edge canvases are popular for this), just as an original oil painting would be.

Custom Fine Art Prints –

In some case, and by request I may choose to further enhance a standard print through adding key highlights or other features, blending both print and hand-finishing.

This is normally achieved through the use of premium oil pastels (Sennelier of Paris), which are then ‘fixed’. These pastels use the same, artist-grade pigments as actual oil paints.

This can be requested, or I may suggest it. There may be some modest additional cost for this, but this means your limited edition print is then truly one of a kind.

Print Pricing –

Every print is produced to order and there are many different print options to choose from. Most fine art prints from my portfolio start from as little as £75. These are signed, limited-editions. Print prices will depend upon your specific requirements.

So please request your print, with no obligation, and I will be able to confirm the price with you personally.

Requesting Your Print –

If you have found an oil painting in the Portfolio that you like and would be interested to own a limited edition print of this, please contact me direct. Or you may have seen one of my other paintings, not currently in the portfolio and want to own a print of it.

For more images of my more current work, as well as reference work, sketches, etc. please follow me on facebook and Instagram.

You can call me, or simply send a message through the contact form on this website. Or alternatively please email me. Remember to quote the title of the painting that you would like to own in print (if known), together with any specific requirements, such as size, choice of fine-art paper or stretched canvas, etc.

Also, you may have a very unusual print request, perhaps for a large format mural, or use the print in other creative ways. If so, I’d be excited to discuss your ideas.


Nial Adams

NB. All original works are copyright of the Artist, Nial Adams. Please see the Terms and Conditions of Big Norfolk Skies.